When Should You Start Shopping for Your Wedding Suit

Wedding SuitFor a bride, the search for a wedding dress starts almost immediately or at least four to six months before the big day. Grooms don’t really have this concern when it comes to shopping for a wedding suit. However there are a few factors to consider when it comes to when to buy the wedding suit.

So when should a groom start shopping for your wedding suit?

Firstly, ask your bride. When she has an idea of the type of wedding dress that she is going to wear, then you can start looking for your suit. This is important because if the bride has decided on a big princess bride wedding dress, you are going to have to complement her style with an equivalent style of suit. In this case, a tuxedo may be the best option.

If you are going to have your wedding suit made from scratch by a specific designer or tailor, then you will need to factor in the time for making the suit. If you are using locally sourced materials, then it could take your tailor about two to three months to make your suit. However, if your availability for fittings is minimal then it could take a month longer. If the material for your suit needs to be imported, then you need to consider the travel time. Items that are imported via sea can take three to four months to arrive. When it is imported by road freight, it is slightly shorter at about a few weeks. Airfreight is usually the quickest at about a week or two but it costs much more.

If you and your bride have decided on a modern wedding then you have many options available to you. A wedding suit boutique will have a wide range of wedding suits available in different colours and sizes. For an off-the-rack wedding suit, you can shop about one or two months before the big day. Because it is a fully made suit already, you simply need to find the one that you like and that is in the colour of your choice. If the suit needs any alterations, a tailor can usually do this for you within a couple of days.

In conclusion, the time that you need to start shopping for your suit depends on your bride’s attire, whether it will be made from scratch, or whether you want an off-the-shelf designer wedding suit. This can be anything between one month and six months.

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